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gay !!!!

we are in a homosexual relationship

AIn't no g in muddin

it’s true. the letter ‘g’ was banished from ‘muddin’ in approximately 4000 BC by the great council of west virginia elders, for its atrocious crimes of “makin us sound like fancy city folk”

goddamnitjean replied to your post “oh my god i can’t believe what a little /bitch/ draco is screaming…”

i may or may not have read that as darco and started laughing hysterically

you have a very serious problem and that problem is darco bodt



i’m starting to like harry potter a /lot/

i have been waiting for this

i mean i remember liking the first two a lot as a little kid and rly connecting with it bc i used to be /super/ into wizards and magic and stuff like that but i guess i never rly had the motivation to watch the rest of the films until hot cup started doing the showings

i’ve got to finish prisoner of azkaban and order of the phoenix before tomorrow night!!

oh my god i can’t believe what a little /bitch/ draco is

screaming about being dragged around in the snow by something invisible?

you’ve literally seen a hippogriff before why is actually nothing scary

that was a dead marco joke

i can’t /BELIEVE/

i’m starting to like harry potter a /lot/